Our History

In November 2005, the four practicing Licensed Surveyors of a Western Australian surveying company began the necessary research, discussion, and investigation to design a breakthrough high precision positioning network in the state of WA.

It is fair to say that the Western Australian spatial community would not have access to a VRS subscription service without the drive and determination of founder, Geoff Lockhart.

Geoff had the vision and passion to establish the GPS network with the motivation in believing that networked RTK and a VRS solution was the future of spatial positioning. He developed and experimented with base station construction, internet communication technology, solar technology and radio communication resulting in a world class standard of CORS incorporated in our network

Tragically Geoff passed away in 2012 when his passion and motivation for the GPS network was at its peak. The effort and craftsmanship he provided will always be respected by his business partners. We are sure this respect is extended by users who are very grateful that they can start their survey within minutes of stepping from their vehicle on site or initialise at a location 20km from the nearest Standard Survey Mark (SSM).