n-RTK: the ultimate precise real-time positioning service

The precise real-time service (n-RTK) can easily and consistently determine your position with an accuracy of ±2cm and provide height accuracy of ±4cm.

You can achieve these accuracies, without any additional components other than a dual frequency rover/receiver. This is made possible by RTKnetwest through the provision of a network of base stations (CORS) located around WA. See our coverage map

In the field, the further users move from a reference station using conventional RTK, the more susceptible they become to reduced accuracy and performance due to systematic errors such as ionospheric and tropospheric effects. In a VRS network, data correction software provides a fully modeled solution that factors in potential systematic errors. Users connect into the system using a wireless mobile connection. Some of the modern survey controllers have modems built in and only require a SIM card to be inserted to gain an internet connection. Most older style controllers can be connected to the internet via a Bluetooth mobile phone or WiFi hotspot. The only limit to coverage within the network is the limitations in mobile data coverage provided by Telstra.

Once connected to theserver, the software acknowledges the users' field positions and allows them to operate as though there is a reference station -- a virtual reference station -- right next to their rover. As a result, the PPM error is eliminated or significantly reduced, allowing users to achieve RTK precision over much greater distances. All known manufacturers of receivers are supported including but not limited to Trimble, Topcon and Leica.

Users have unlimited usage of the RTKnetwest network 24 x 7, 365 days a year, and can also retrieve stored GNSS and modeled data (or RINEX - Receiver Independent Exchange Format data) from the control center via the Internet for post-processing

Realtime correction data is broadcast in CMR, CMR+, RTCM2.3 and RTCM 3.0 formats.