RTKnetwest makes any GIS database more accurate. Using a subscription to the network, users can access real-time corrections in the field to enhance the accuracy of GIS handheld devices. These accuracies can be achieved using just one dual frequency rover/receiver and an internet connection. Some of the modern survey controllers have modems built in and only require a SIM card to be inserted to gain an internet connection. Most older style controllers can be connected to the internet via a Bluetooth mobile phone or Wi-Fi hotspot. The only limit to coverage within the network is the limits in mobile data coverage provided by Telstra.

Generally, compared to "normal" hand held devices, accuracies are increased from metres to within 100-300mm and heights are improved dramatically.

RTKnetwest’s software also supplies a data connection capability for GIS users with post processing software. Software such as Pathfinder Office can be configured to connect directly to our server via an FTP site enabling the automatic import of available reference data. This feature enables the GIS user to easily post process field data automatically based on the nearest reference station to their work area.

For further information Contact: RTKnetwest on (08) 9450 3590