Our advanced positioning solutions will suit a variety of business uses and applications. We believe there are substantial cost and time savings for a variety of markets anywhere there is mobile data coverage.



  • Any conventional RTK surveying application can be substituted with a VRS network solution.
  • Hydrographic survey operations can benefit from the range of the Mobile network compared to a conventional radio base station installed on land.

Precision farming:Precision Farming

  • Guidance and tracking systems are able to be installed into farming equipment that will automatically steer vehicles according to optimised routes, minimising overlaps.  Savings in time and cost are gained through minimising drive and machine operating times.  Equipment can confidently be operated at any time of the day or night, allowing the farmer to make the right decisions for the particular crop or conditions.

Utilities Mapping:Utilities

  • The process of accurately locating above and below ground assets over broad areas can be achieved easily and efficiently.
  • The network signal has also been used for overland pipe laying machinery guidance.

Mapping and GIS


  • All aspects of GIS data capture can be dramatically enhanced with the addition of a correction service.
  • Activities such as plantation mapping, asset location, service locations, bore hole mapping and environmental monitoring wells.


  • Surface or open-cut mining productivity and efficiency benefit greatly from the use of RTK positioning systems.  Precision positioning devices are fitted to mining equipment to improve planimetric control.  Improved accuracy of drill depth and drill patterns generally increases ore fragmentation.  Smaller ore fragments means reduced loading times and optimal crusher use.

Asset Management:

  • Typically, state and local government authorities but also corporates will look to manage their assets through enhanced satellite positioning systems.  Traditional computer-based asset management systems that just record the core attributes of the asset are of lower value than if they are also able to record the precise position of that asset.